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ServerCrafters mission is to provide the best hosting - For the smallest amount of money. With a very planned and well thought business model - We started working. ServerCrafters today is providing exactly what we aimed for. Great Servers with awesome support for less then the cost of a soda. At ServerCrafters we have multiple locations, thus eliminating the need to have connection issues. Just choose the closest location near you!


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Our Minecraft hosting is without any compromised. Whatever tier you choose - You can always be sure that it will be hosted on reliable and great hardware. With over four locations to choose from, you can be sure to find something that fits your needs.

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1. Will my Minecraft server instantly activate?
2. How is your pricing so cheap?
3. I get DDoS attacks, is that OK?
4. I want to switch my server location, is that possible?
5. Can I try your service?

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